The right product for your planning

To enable fast availability as well as secure access, all Vanillaplan solutions run in the browser on computer, laptop and tablet. Vanillaplan is a Swiss product and meets the highest security standards: Our software is developed in Basel and the data is hosted in a data center in Zurich - so it never leaves Switzerland. Regular security checks ensure data security at all times.

Capacity plan

Capacity plan

With our capacity planning, you can schedule projects in such a way that there is no over- or understaffing and the operational utilization is in the green long term.

More effective capacity planning through

  • Filtering the workload of departments or team

  • Overview of ongoing projects, their time requirements and resource consumption

  • Simple project postponement including display of the effect on operational utilisation

  • Display of staff requirements up to 60 weeks in advance



With our schedules, you can efficiently plan staff, inventory and events. Vanillaplan is multi-user capable, so you can coordinate your company's operations with different people at the same time. With just one click, you can switch from the project view to the resource view and receive relevant information on the projects or on employees and inventory.

More intuitive deployment planning through

  • Simple allocation via drag & drop

  • Forward planning of all resources: personnel, machines, vehicles, tools, rooms or events

  • Switch between the daily and multi-week view with just one click

  • Display of resource consumption over the entire project phase

  • Planning of fixed teams, groups or columns of employees and inventory

Flexible schedules

With our flexible schedules, you get an end-to-end solution with specific features from planning to production, assembly, installation, and service.


  • Allocation of individual employees as well as defined teams in percent or hours


  • Aligned allocation of your orders to machines and workstations with dynamic consideration of the workstation allocation


  • Assignment of individual employees, inventory, defined teams, groups as well as columns full-time or part-time


  • Short-term allocation of individual persons, inventory as well as defined teams in hours or half days

Absence schedule

Absence schedule

In the absence schedule, you distinguish between absence reasons by colour and symbol. The absence plan is linked to the schedule and capacity plan and the automatic schedule collision prevents the allocation of a resource to two events at the same time.

Simpler absence planning through

  • Determination of specific reasons for absence for staff and inventory

  • Create recurring absences with a few clicks

Schedule display

Schedule display

The digital schedule display shows you in advance where you are assigned and what inventory you need for the job.

  • Visibility of your assignments for the next day already the day before

  • Practical for workshop, office, lounge or anteroom

  • 1, 5 and 7 days view of the deployments of all resources

Mobile App

Mobile App

With the mobile app, you can keep track of assignments even when you're on the move and are quickly and reliably informed of changes via push notifications.

The mobile app offers

  • Overview of staff and inventory availabilities

  • Visibility of the assignments over the duration of one to three weeks

  • Easy access to attached PDF, image and Office files



Whether construction plans, images or documents - with our attachments you can easily attach PDF, image or Office files to your projects.

  • Send attachments from the web app to your employees

  • Quick access to attached files even when you're on the road - with our mobile app

Manufacturing & Production

Manufacturing & Production

Our production schedules offer a set of practical functions for your production planning. They are particularly suitable for timber construction companies with parts or element production as well as for specialist planners and engineers.

  • Quickly and easily allocate orders to workstations (work tables, machines, robots) using drag & drop

  • Aligned allocation: orders are scheduled "on the line" for their entire duration without interruption in order to optimise machine utilisation

  • Dynamic planning: Automatic adjustment of the order runtime to employee capacity

  • 3-shift operation: Scheduling of machines and employees in up to three shifts

  • On-time completion: orders that are behind schedule are highlighted in red and optimised with just a few clicks