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In the best place
at the best time

Intuitive construction software for resource and capacity planning

In the best place
at the best time

Intuitive construction software for resource and capacity planning

Vanillaplan auf Laptop und Mobile

Your advantages at a glance

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    Intuitive and visual handling: through colours, icons, images and drag & drop

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    Resource consumption: automatic control over your deficits and gains in each project

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    End-to-end solution: from planning to production, execution, installation and service

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    Intelligent connection: more effective scheduling through coordination with your operational workload

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    No isolated solution: data transfer to any IT system with our interface platform Vanillaplan Fair

«As the owner, I can see much further into the future, plan capacity utilisation, influence it and plan for appointments earlier.»

Bruno Habisreutinger - Managing Director Habisreutinger Gebäudehüllen

«Since we started using Vanillaplan, the hectic pace in the company has disappeared. This has had a very positive effect on the satisfaction of our customers and employees.»

Manuel Ernst – Construction Manager az Holz AG

«With Vanillaplan we were able to eliminate our Excel spreadsheets and benefit from the synergies.»

Stefan Curti – Division Manager Rosenmund Haustechnik AG

«The planning and scheduling of employees, including temporary staff, as well as vehicles and excavators, has become much easier with Vanillaplan. By using the software, we were able to replace three Excel spreadsheets in one fell swoop. What a relief.»

Patrice Cron – Managing DirectorJean Cron AG

«The Vanillaplan software covers our needs very well, is easy to understand and requires minimal training. We are happy to continue using the tool in the future.»

Reto Ziswiler – Team Leader Kost + Partner AG

«The greatest added value with Vanillaplan is the up-to-dateness and the overview. I can see exactly where I still have too few staff and need to increase them. I always have the current status and each person can see what will be completed and when.»

Michael Wyss - Head of Assembly Renggli AG

The right subscription for your business

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  • Onboarding and personal support

  • Webinars and explanatory videos

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