Tips and Tricks 25 - Filter with #Hashtags

Domenic Duwe
by Domenic Duwe MarketingPublished on 06.04.2023

The filter function in the project view enables a quick search for projects, be it by order number or name. With a little trick, which we would like to present to you in this edition of Tips and Tricks, you can also filter the properties of resources. In the accompanying video, we show you some examples of use that you can use in your planning.

Basics for filtering by resource properties

To filter for resource properties in the project view, you must first click in the search field at the top of the screen. Normally, this field works like a search, but this search is based on project properties. For example, if you search for a project name, all project phases with that name will be displayed. However, if you want to search for properties of resources, such as employees, vehicles or machines, you have to insert a hashtag, i.e. "#", in front of the search term. In the following, we present a few more examples of use cases.

Example 1: Filter by employee skills

The first example deals with special skills of employees. These can first be defined in the master data under resources or when entering new resources. For example, we can enter the truck skill for employees who have a truck driver's licence. In the project view we can now enter #Truck in the filter to show all employees with the skill Truck. Another example for skills can be different access authorisations.

Example 2: Filter by name

As another example, we can filter by name. In the video, we enter #Alex in the filter and now see all our employees with the name Alex. Of course, this also works with surnames or with the specified names of vehicles, machines or tools.

Example 3: Filter by abbreviations

Just as we can filter by name, it is also possible to filter by the abbreviations of individual resources. In the video, for example, we filter by #MRA, the abbreviation used in Vanillaplan for Alexander Mäder.

Example 4: Filtering by resource categories

If a specific resource category is needed for a project, for example a skilled worker, you can use #Skilled worker to filter for all resources with the category Skilled worker.

If you have any further questions about using the filter function or other functions in Vanillaplan, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.