Our brochure: "What are you working on right now?" - Insights into everyday working life in the construction industry

Elena Höppner
by Elena Höppner Content MarketingPublished on 28.09.2023

It started with the idea of taking a look behind the scenes of their daily work through interviews with office employees from the construction industry. But the interviews gave such an interesting insight into the diverse work opportunities and careers around the construction industry that we decided to compile a brochure from the material. With additional explanations, a foreword and an epilogue and, last but not least, the appropriate design, the whole thing finally turned into a real project. Now it is done and we are making the finished result available to vocational and career guidance centres to give young people an insight into the construction industry that goes beyond what has perhaps been primarily associated with "construction" up to now.

Construction industry - most of us associate it with a job on a building site, such as carpenter, joiner, bricklayer, plasterer or painter. But how are the construction activities that are then carried out on site actually planned? What goes on behind the scenes? What exactly do employees do in the office of a construction company?

These were the questions we asked ourselves before we started our interview series "What are you working on right now?" And to find out, last year we interviewed office employees in construction companies, e.g. project, operations, production or construction managers, about their everyday work and their careers. In doing so, we tried to draw as holistic a picture as possible and therefore selected interview partners from different sectors and companies.

What started with individual interviews eventually became a small project in the service of construction industry information. We found that the authentic reports provided really interesting and realistic insights into the diverse activities and career opportunities in the construction industry. And so we decided to use them to create an information brochure for young people who are about to make a career choice.

With our ten interviews as a basis, we approached the project. First, we took care of the content: without changing too much, we adapted the interviews to our younger readership and made them fit together. We also created an index with additional explanations for expressions that are common in the construction industry but not necessarily understood by "construction outsiders". Then we set to work on the graphic design - and brought the whole thing into a handsome brochure design. Equipped with a foreword and epilogue, our brochure was now ready to go to the vocational guidance centres. To do this, we contacted the career guidance offices of all the cantons. We received a lot of positive feedback and were able to provide them with our brochure in both digital and printed form.

We thought it was a very nice project and hope that it has made a small contribution to showing the diversity of work activities and career paths in the construction industry.

And of course you can see for yourselves. You can find the brochure online here:


Feel free to take a look inside.