Long-term deployment plans: planning over 60 weeks in advance

Markus Schiffmacher
by Markus Schiffmacher Head of MarketingPublished on 09.07.2024

What previously worked for capacity planning now also works for shift plans: you can now display the planning of your employees up to 60 weeks in advance in one view! We'll show you how to get a quick and long-term overview of your staff schedules with our new long-term schedules.

Why is long-term resource planning useful?

Effective resource management is essential for the success of a project. Long-term resource planning is a helpful tool for this, as it allows you to plan employee assignments up to 60 weeks in advance and display them at a glance. This allows you to precisely predict future resource requirements in the long term, avoid overloads and increase transparency.

How it works

Long-term resource planning is integrated into the Vanillaplan project view. The time horizon in the toolbar can be used to select a time span from one day to sixty weeks. The week buttons are labelled with a "W" after the number.

Daily views: In the daily views of 1, 5 and 7 days, the various projects are displayed via the rows and the individual days via the columns.

Week view 1 to 4 weeks: In the weekly views from 1 to 4 weeks, the resources are visible as rows below the projects. The columns represent the weeks in the form of individual days. The use of resources is highlighted in colour in the corresponding cell.

Week view 5 to 60 weeks: In the weekly views from 5 to 60 weeks, the resources are still displayed as rows below the projects. The columns now represent one week - instead of one day previously - per column, and the resource input is highlighted in the corresponding colour in the cell.

Additional option: There is an option here to switch between daily and weekly display. This means that the display can be shown in the form of days or weeks as required. The daily display is indicated by a "T", the weekly display by a "W" to the right of "60W". Click on "W" or "T" to change the display.

Have fun trying it out and feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions!