Holiday Planning

Markus Schiffmacher
by Markus Schiffmacher Head of MarketingPublished on 27.07.2023

Summer, sun... holiday planning. Today our tips & tricks are all about how you can plan your holidays in Vanillaplan quickly and easily.

To do this, we start in the absence plan. Of course, our absence planning is also useful throughout the rest of the year; especially to quickly plan for sick leave or part-time work. However, it is even more useful during the holiday season, as you can enter your holidays with just a few mouse clicks.

To do this, open the Absences view and select the corresponding date by clicking on the respective day. You can define several days or weeks by dragging the cursor over the desired period. Now an event window appears where you can select the reason for the absence by means of various symbols and colours.

If several employees are on holiday at the same time or are otherwise absent, you can simply drag the cursor over both columns of the corresponding employees and select the desired days.

Using the filter functions in the top line, you can switch on and off the display of staff as well as inventory, i.e. machines, vehicles and tools. If you want to schedule an absence for all employees, e.g. company holidays, you must first hide the inventory via the filter. Then you can drag across all the employee columns and set the absence.

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